Examples & Discography


"I have been a fan of Heather's music for a long time. What has always struck me was how good everything sounded on the projects they were involved with. I knew that I could trust their ears and instincts. Working with them could not have been easier. I had my masters back quickly and everything sounded noticeably warmer and brighter. I was impressed but not surprised."

Andhi O'Neill

"Working with Heather on 'Waterfowl' was seamless. They worked so quickly and balanced our vision with theirs perfectly. Mastering's artistic fingerprint can be tough to pick out, but the album sounded tangibly warmer and brighter after Heather worked their magic"

JF of Frankie Valet

"...Heather knows how to create bigness from the smallest of sounds and moments...So Big is a gem of the East Coast music scene...If you have interest in song development, So Big takes a song-first approach and Heather is an active listener at every stop in the process. I’m so blessed to have worked on a project there and can’t wait for the records to come, personally and from others within the community that So Big nurtures."

Hanny Ramadan of Latchkey Kids

"radiator" by sadurn

production / performance / arranging / engineering / mixing

"lucky styles" by they are gutting a body of water

production / engineering / co-mixed with the band

"godzilla" by ther

performance / engineering / arranging / production / mixing

"s/t" by mj lenderman

mastering for vinyl reissue

"no fun" by crooks & nannies

mastering / production / engineering

"maps/country" by samia


Selected Discography


Avalon Tassyoni  - "Sprigs & Brush" - MasteringBloomsday - "Heart of the Artichoke"  -Mastering - (Bayonet Records)H Pruz - "No Glory" [LP] - Mastering -  (Mountain Laurel Recording Co.)Magazine Beach - "Vacuum b/w Turnaround" [Single] - Recording, Mixing - (Take This to Heart Records)Ther - "Godzilla" [LP] - Performance, Arranging, Engineering, Mixing (Julia's War Recordings)Various  - "Big Hug Volume Two" [Compilation] - Mastering -  (Big Hug Records)


Big Hug Records - "Big Hug Volume One" [Compilation] - Mastering -  (Big Hug Records)Cave People - "Echo" [Single] - MasteringMichael Cormier-O'Leary - "Anything Can Be Left Behind" [LP] - Mastering - (Dear Life Records)Crooks & Nannies - "No Fun" [EP] - Mastering, Production, Arranging, Engineering -  (Grand Jury Music)Crooks & Nannies - "Real Life" [LP] - Mastering -  (Grand Jury Music)Florry - "The Holey Bible" [LP] - Mastering - (Dear Life Records)Golden Apples - "Bananasugarfire" [LP] - Mastering - (Lame O Records)Kennedy Mann  - "Crooked" [Single] - MasteringJoey Nebulous - "Joey Spumoni Creamy Dreamy Party All The Time" [LP] - Mastering -  (Dear Life Records)MJ Lenderman - "MJ Lenderman" [LP] - Vinyl Mastering (Reissue) -  (Dear Life Records)Samia - "Maps/Country" [Single/7"] - Mastering  -  (Grand Jury Music)Shep Treasure - "500 dead or alive" [LP] - MasteringSuper Infinity - "Palace" [LP] - MasteringSwim Camp - "Steel Country" [LP] - Mastering -  (Julia's War Recordings)Ther - "a horrid whisper echoes in a palace of endless joy" [LP] - Performance, Arranging, Engineering, Mixing -  (Dead Definition)They Are Gutting a Body of Water - "Expansion Pak" [OST] - Production, Engineering, Mixing on "Keaton Mask" "Colorway" and "Third Rail" - (Julia's War Recordings)Twin Princess - "Blood Moon" [LP] - Mixing


Amelia Cry Til I Die - "high on my own supply" [LP] - MasteringDeer Scout - "Suspended in Gaffa" [Single] - MixingDeer Scout - "Woodpecker" [LP] - Production, Arranging, Engineering, MixingEveyln Gray - "how to be alone" [LP] - MasteringThe Human Fly - "Thrill of Living" [LP] - Arranging, Engineering, Production, MixingJulian - "Yearning Songs" [EP] - MasteringLindsay Reamer - "Touch Tank" [single] -MasteringLowercase Roses - "Ordinary Terror" [LP] - MasteringQueasy - "Shining Now" [LP] - MasteringSadurn - "radiator" [LP] - Performance, Arranging, Engineering, Production, MixingTher - "trembling" [LP] - Performance, Arranging, Engineering, MixingThey Are Gutting a Body of Water  - "Lucky styles" [LP] - Engineering, Production, Mixing


Amelia Cry Til I Die - "some tracksss" [LP] - MasteringHighnoon - "Divers" [EP] - MasteringJanna - "Back to the Wilderness" [LP] - MasteringJulian - "Longing" [EP] - EngineeringKing Azaz - "Forever Green" [LP] - MasteringStrawberry Runners - "Happy Birthday" [EP] (Track 7)Engineering, Performance, Mixing


Frankie Valet - "Waterfowl" [LP] - MasteringThe Human Fly - "A Bottle of Milk in the Eye" [LP] - MixingMother Moses- "Pennsylvania/Bad Eater Blues" [Singles] - MasteringTwin Princess - "Fraise" [EP] - Mastering


Deer Scout - "Tour Stop at All Nite Diner" [EP] - EngineeringKissies - "Kissies" [EP] - Engineering, MixingMother Moses - "Bowling Shoes" [EP] - Engineering, MixingNoera - "Pearls" [LP] - Engineering, Production, MixingSadurn - "Gleam" [EP] - MasteringSadurn, Ther - "sadurn/ther" [EP] - Performance, Engineering, Mixing, MasteringSoupy - "Practice" [EP] - Engineering, MixingSoupy - "Heavy" [EP] - MasteringTher - "nonultrajoy" [EP] - Performance, Arranging, Engineering, MixingTher - "two more songs" [EP] - Performance, Arranging, Engineering, MixingThey Are Gutting a Body of Water - "Destiny XL" [LP] - Engineering, Production