The primary philosophy of So Big Auditory is that with accurate playback and a generous imagination, an exciting recording is always within reach. When the sound coming out of the speakers you work off of is an inspiring and accurate presentation of what reaches the listener, you can follow any whim to its end, and know that your audience will be pulling on that thread with you.

This is how we have established ourselves as a home for exciting, bizarre, and beloved records.  We don't care about making things sound expensive.  We care about building an idea out as far as it should go and sending it out into the world in its most clear form. It's about your song and making it sing.

We offer anything from vinyl mastering (MJ Lenderman, Golden Apples) to full-service production (Sadurn, They Are Gutting a Body of Water), and all of our services are sliding scale.

Heather Jones (they/she) 

Heather has been tinkering with audio since she started recording her own music in college in 2010. She eventually switched from studying composition and jazz in New Hampshire to music production, and transferred to SUNY Purchase. A year after graduating, she moved to Philadelphia, where she became a household name for bands looking to cut their first record on a budget. 

She founded So Big Auditory in 2017 at the storied All Night Diner in West Philly, and has since produced and engineered lauded records for Sadurn, They Are Gutting a Body of Water, and Deer Scout. Heather now mostly focuses on mastering, but occasionally does recording and production out of both So Big Auditory and Headroom Studios. She also writes music for the band Ther.

Jared Taylor (he/they)

Jared first joined the studio in 2021 as an apprentice and intern, spending the days watching, learning, and helping Heather with artists like Sadurn, The Human Fly, and They Are Gutting A Body Of Water. They have mastered records for artists such as Ther, Pinkie Normal, and Syl Fisher, and mixed for Ghostship Dreamland and Emil Beckford.

After previously attending Temple University for two years as a Theater major, Jared currently attends the Community College of Philadelphia for Sound Recording and Music Technology They write and perform in the projects fruitless! and Ghostship Dreamland.

So Big is located on stolen Lene Lanape territory known as Cedar Park, West Philadelphia.